A Day in the Life of a Manufacturing Manager at QM Systems

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Chris Happs is the Manufacturing Manager at Midlands-based turn key solution provider QM Systems. He told the Made in Group what a typical day in his role looks like. 

Chris starts his day checking his emails as well as confirming any deliveries and collections for the morning.  Once complete Chris undertakes his morning meeting on the shop floor to organise the team accordingly for their up-and-coming tasks requiring immediate attention. At the same time, he will get a progress update from his team in each of their respective areas of expertise. Once a clear plan has been agreed and detailed the team dispatch to undertake their tasks in order of importance and priority. Chris will then liaise with QM’s goods in team, discussing all planned orders to expect and dispatch. Chris will then align these with the production requirements and liaise with the project team if any time delays or improvements are expected.

Chris said: “We use a small army of machinists and fabricators, situated in Birmingham, Pershore, Worcester, Halesowen and Kidderminster, all within a 30-mile radius. These machined parts are then invariably sent out for secondary and third operations including chemical treatment or paint.” 

The second facet of the manufacturing team concentrates on Installations, so Chris then spends time speaking to staff, supervisors and customers. “While we depend on good-natured, professional and personal relationships with our suppliers, it is clearly essential to create and sustain similar relationships with our clients,” Chris explained. 

He concluded: “While monitoring and planning seem to take up most of my day, I do get involved in kitting parts for imminent jobs, a great opportunity to identify any quality shortcomings in advance of a timing plan. The rest of my day is taken up identifying Health and Safety improvements and remaining focused on continual improvement schedules with my team, ensuring their buy-in and engagement is at the forefront of our success.” 

"I love my job and thoroughly enjoy the challenge that each day brings. Every project we receive is different and although this can bring unfamiliarity, it also is exciting to develop our skills during the challenge of solving a new problem for each project."

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