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Since the lockdown began QM systems have ever evolved to comply with government working practices whilst still continuing to trade, to say it has been a challenge is an understatement. In the engineering world that we work within, most product manufacturing companies get numerous iterations of designs to perfect their products, but the very nature of our business means we do not get that luxury. We need to design, manufacture, test and commission a production, inspection or handling cell and get it right the first time. That is why of all the companies in the engineering world QM Systems are one of the most adaptive and innovative companies in the market.

During the lockdown several competitors based abroad have not been able to fulfil contracts due to border closures, QM has provided support to ensure our mutual client’s requirements are still met. This is not something that we would traditionally support, however, it helps provide some stability for the company and our clients until we see a return to normality in the manufacturing and capital plant industries.

There is no better time to invest in automation. CV-19 has highlighted that we need to control our own destiny and that linked with Brexit means that more manufacturing in the UK is what is needed and if we manufacture products using automation we can reduce costs making the UK extremely competitive on the global stage.

It’s been a testing time for everyone, we need to re-ignite this economy and one method for all product manufacturing companies is to invest in automation and invest in UK companies. The innovative use of automation is the future.

In the meantime, I wish you all good health and I look forward to meeting with you when it is safe to do so.

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