Wheel nut torquing solution

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QM Systems were tasked with providing a unique wheel nut torquing solution for an Automotive OEM.

The system consisted of a unique wheel nut head assembly, tasked to drive five nut runners using @Desoutter drives to torque the wheel nuts on a vehicle. This assembly and the automatic static tool changer changes socket sizes from 19 - 22mm. Our client's control system communicates to the PLC, informing the system what pre-programmed formula is needed. This includes thread pitch, wheel location and torque/angle requirements. What makes this assembly unique is the ability to simultaneously alter the nut runner PCD via pneumatic gear motors. The drive head is suspended from an air-assisted manipulation arm, that can be moved in the X and Y axes to traverse the line and a pneumatic cylinder allows movement in the Z-axis. The manipulation arm was mounted to a @Safeway overhead rail system.

The advantage of variable PCD means that only one assembly head is needed per side for the three variant types, preventing the need for multiple systems. This low-cost solution removes the need for assembly head changeovers, therefore reducing time and increasing efficient output.

QM systems completed the project in partnership with CAS Assembly Tooling and Services the UK's largest independent tooling provider and Tier 1 integrator for this project.

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